U.S.S. Kidd Museum

Fletcher-class destroyer USS KIDD (DD-661), the "Pirate of the Pacific" located in the heart of scenic downtown Baton Rouge, Louisiana, she is the centerpiece of a memorial which serves to honor the men and women of our American armed forces. Museum and ship open daily for tours.

Restoring the officer's wardroom to WWII design

In the 1950s/1960s, the Officer’s Wardroom had cement poured in an attempt to level the deck, vinyl toles were laid on top of that to update the mid-century decor. Restoration on the Officer’s Wardroom began in October 2016. Our Field Day crew removed the tiles and we began to remove the cement.

Louisiana Joins the Great War

1960s Wartime Graffiti

New exhibit featuring soldier and marine graffiti comes to the USS KIDD - Marking Time: Voyage to Vietnam

For more information, please contact Development Coordinator Christine Bruce, via phone at (225) 342-1942, Ext. 13, or via email at CBruce@usskidd.com.